My Shed

More often than not I probably open a new CodePen at least 20-30 times a day. I don’t keep count. That’d be silly.

I <3 CodePen

If I need to quickly thrash out how I’m going to code something I jump straight into CodePen before I open an IDE. If someone on twitter asks a Sass/CSS question I open a new pen to play with it for a minute or two. I frickin’ love CodePen.

My Shed

It’s become my (digital) ‘shed’. Where I go to and tinker with and fettle code whether I need it for a project or just for fun.

Great for clients

Going back to last October I was working on a site for a client in London. There were quite a few interactions on the pages that needed to be animated when the visitor hovered over them.

I instantly thought that by making a private CodePen (available with a Pro account) of each interaction I could then send them to the client for feedback. I was given a pdf of what each interaction should do, what should slide, move, animate and change colour etc. I then turned my interpretation of those descriptions into some lovely Sass-ified CSS for each one.

The client seemed really pleased with the idea of these ‘tiny little bootstraps’ and it made working out what they wanted into a reality so easy.

Get a shed

If you’re not using CodePen I suggest you do. It’s so good to have your own shed.