We're all reading the same book, but we're all on different pages.

There has been quite a few blogposts from different online magazines recently that has been given a bit of a backlash on the twitters. Some of these posts have been considered incorrect, factually biased or just 'plain wrong'. Some have been questioned as to why such a 'well known' topic needs rewriting today where they one from a couple of years ago works just fine.

It's pretty simple...

Think of the web industry and your career as a book. We're all reading the same book but some of us are faster readers than others. Some of us misread chapter three and four. Some of us have skipped a couple of chapters to get to the juicy bits. Some of us are only starting on chapter one, page one today. 

If we think of this industry along with our careers like this, it's easier to understand why such a post has been written. Whether completely incorrect or just a repeat of what you already know. 

Be excellent to each other...

If the post you read is completely incorrect, factually wrong and full of horse shit. Don't slate the writer because let's face it they're probably a few chapters behind you. Be excellent to each other. Offer your criticisms a polite way (a direct email, a comment on the post). Be civil. Calling stuff out to your twitter followers as horse shit (or similar) does yourself, them and the world no favours. Stop that.