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Design Systems and CSS Grid on 24Ways

This year I have managed to tick one more thing off of my career 'bucket list', I wrote an article for The Advent Calender for geeks, 24 Ways.

I have been working on a clients design system for the last couple of years and recently we have started on looking at the future of the products it serves. One of the avenues we ventured down has shown us a requirement for some additional patterns for some marketing pages.

This allowed me to finally get to grips (a little) with CSS Grid in the look to phase out our current usage of Susy and replace it with CSS from the grid spec.

The article that I wrote for 24 ways shows my first adventure in putting CSS Grid into the existing design system. I think there's still parts of that article that can be expanded upon, and hope to do so in 2018.


Design Systems and CSS Grid on 24Ways


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