1. Toggling Bad Design

    28 March 2013

    <p>do or do not there is not try, investigate your design requirements before plumbing in an after thought fix.</p>

  2. max-width your face off

    22 February 2013

    <p>a little rant about lazily using max-width to make a site responsive</p>

  3. The lack of media queries

    12 January 2013

    <p>“the absence of support for <code>media queries is in fact the first </code>media query…” – Yiibu (Bryan & Stephanie Reiger) 2010</p>

  4. Develop your styleguides with code

    10 January 2013

    A short post inspired from one by Mark Boulton wherein I say to develop modularly but design the bigger picture

  5. Don't do this in responsive web development

    10 January 2013

    <p>Make sure you&#8217;re allowing your mobile visitor the chance to zoom in deeper into your site.</p>

  6. A Coda 2 wish list

    17 September 2012

    <p>I’m really into using Coda 2, but there’s a few things I’d really love to have added to it. To make it ‘the ultimate’ (for me).</p>

  7. Just a little cog...

    22 July 2012

    <p>I’m just a little cog, but a cog that could fit into your work flow perfectly.</p>

  8. We're all reading the same book, but we're all on different pages.

    20 June 2012

  9. Your website stinks on mobile...

    01 June 2012

    <p>Your lack of device testing grates me. But, that’s your problem to fix. Not mine to tell you.</p>

  10. Screwing the srcset

    16 May 2012

    <p>A refactoring of the current (as of posting) srcset polyfill</p>

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