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Talkin' 'bout Z-Index

Every now and then I see a tweet or read an article about z-index. It always bemuses me a little. I rarely find myself trying to figure out the stack of elements with z-index. Perhaps it's the work I do. I don't think that's the case because, being a jobbing freelancer, the work is forever varied.

I've never been a fan of z-index: 9999; the temptation just to make up long numbers to really make sure that the component will be on top is just a little too silly for my liking.

So, for the last 12 months or so I've been using what I call the 'Van Halen method'.


Of course, this isn't really any different from 9999, 99999 and 999999 but stipulating the numbers gives me some form of system to make sure I adhere to.

Taking the groups albums titles with numbers in it I've rarely, if ever, found myself needing more than these three options for z-index.

Of course, there's the potential in 6,9,12,24 months that I'll come back to this and laugh at myself. For the moment and for the last year, for me, it's worked perfectly.


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