Look Ma, I'm on the telly!

Ok, so not totally true.

In July I was more than happy to talk to a bunch of like minded fellows at an event held the Mozilla space in London. The event was organised by my two good friend Anthony and Adam masterminds behind 12Devs. This was there third foray into evening mini-conferences after having two great years of collating articles for the 12 days following Christmas Day.

I'm someone that's said they'd never talk publicly. I'm slightly introvert (unless you add lager) and suffer serious bouts of imposter syndrome. For 5 years, on and off, I was in a band and you'd forever see the back of my head when we played live. The limelight was/is something that I'm not really too fussed about. As it were.

But I Digress...

However, having talked with Ant. about 12 Devs of Easter I happened upon a subject that I thought needed airing in public. I've not really taken a shine to the myriad of boilerplates, frameworks and starting points that are oozing out of the sides of this industry. The beauty of HTML/CSS in particular is you can have your own 'style' of coding and you can decide what to have and not have in your documents. In my talk I touched upon this plus other stuff. Believing that the best boilerplate is the one you write yourself. Where you borrow code from the many and adapt it so it suits how you 'write code'. 

Sweating the details of what's in your stock HTML template or how your write your CSS (well, Sass) makes you make your code delicous.

Without Further Ado...

Here's the video

More than just me

I'd like to thank Adam and Anthony for letting me 'try my hand at this. Will I do this again? Maybe, but I'd probably have one less beer.

For the other talks of the evening, head over to the 12 Devs Of Summer vide page.