A green light for productivity

I don't really DO todo lists. I love the idea of writing everything down that needs to be done and then ticking them off or putting a line through them when they're complete. But, when it comes to it. I'd rather spend that time on actually 'doing the work'.

I've generally kept mental todo list of everything that needs doing on the project that I'm working on but my current client asked for a list of what is left todo this weekend so I obliged.

In doing so I've created a basic little .doc file in pages. Now I happened upon an idea whilst typng this out.

Hopefully we all know about the red, amber and green traffic light system? Well that's what I'm applying to this clients todo list.

Basically everything that's entered is intitally coloured RED. When I make a start on something it gets changed and moved to AMBER. If it gets completed then it moves to GREEN. If it doesn't get completed additional notes are made as to what's left to do.

I'm in no doubt this is being employed by others. But I thought I'd add my little productivity finding with you on a dreary Sunday morning.

As for keep my todo list in my head. It'll still be there but I'll also be keeping this traffic light idea running too.