Decisions, decisions, decisions

So, you're about to go live. You're just dotting that last lower case j on the site and you hit the 'go' button.

That new site you've been working on is live. It's out there on the information super highway. You're full of smiles. You think it looks great, you know it works fantastic and the cleanliness of your code is something to die for.


You want to tell the world. Gone are the days of adding it to forums or even email people you know. Just one tweet and you can reach all your followers and more.

What Next?

Everyone's seen your tweet and are looking at your site in their preferred browser. Then they start to resize the browser. 

"Oh, isn't it responsive?"

It may be, it may not be. It still a lovely design but with the poster child of design approachs being that fluid grid that'll resize to your mobile telephone's viewport most people expect it to resize. 

If it doesn't a plethora of tweets as to the why and where fors abound. You're inundated. 

"Why do I have to explain myself?"

You don't. Plain and simple. But, I feel, that if you can you must write a little blog post explaining the business decision as to how you got to the site as it is live on the tubes.

Business Decisions

Time is money (or mime is money). There are reasons that a site is how it is beyond how it looks. If we blog, just a little, on how we came to what we've done we would all get a better understanding of this forever growing industry and hopefully calm the "But it's not…" tweets.

It's all I ask

So, next time you release that project you've been burning the midnight candle for. Just 'do' a quick blog post as to why, why and why.